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Employment Attack 101

Beginning your work journey with the right attitudes... Let us help you

To support Criminal Justice Strategies to reduce crime and violence.

To provide options to preemptory imprisonment for youth facing the criminal justice system charged for minor criminal offences. These options will be provided to the magisterial courts in collaboration with probation services. The options involved

Reduce poverty among the youth population

Youth are one of the poorest groups in Guyanese society. To build communities to their full potential, there is need for recruitment and targeted interventions of at risk youth in entrepreneurial and work ready skills

Create a youthful work ready force

"Youth generally do not have the right attitudes to work” the words echoed by employers regionally and possibly across the world.  Connecting youth to the good life through their personal development will require training in

Foster community development

Leadership qualities among the youthful population are essential to sustained community development. It is expected to build the capacity of youth in leadership skills so that they can identify, articulate, and pursue responsibly shared community

Institutional Capacity building

Provide strengthening and leadership training for institutions and groups so as to strengthen their ability towards sustained development

Increase safety nets for youth

Youth are a vulnerable grouping within our society with many social challenges. We propose to collaborate, coordinate and cooperate with other agencies linking at risk youth to safety nets (psychosocial and economic) in their pathway