Coach and youth

Coach and Youth

The Coaching methodology developed under the USAID SKYE project employs an assets based methodology.  SSYDR also offers training to organizations in the hope that as we all employ the assets based approach in working with each other and the youth we will see greater cohesion and development.  This SKYE Coaches Training is 3 days (21 hours). Each day has a theme.

The first day is focused on Building Supportive Relationships with At-Risk Youth.  After getting to know one another, the coaches will have an opportunity to better understand the context of at-risk youth and learn how to use an assets-based approach as they get to know the young people they will coach.

The second day is focused on Managing Career Pathways. The day begins with learning about the Work Ready Now! program that all SKYE youth participate in. The majority of the day will be spent learning about livelihoods plans, how to complete them during a coaching session and how to assist youth in achieving their goals. The day ends by discussing the program’s work based learning activities.

The last day is focused primarily on Job Placement and Managing Relationships Over Time. Coaches will learn about their role in finding jobs, how to find youth friendly jobs, and how to present the project to employers in order to find suitable opportunities for project youth. The day ends with managing relationships over time.