Theory of Change

SSYDR’s Theory of Change depicts youth pathway from at risk to inspired youth transforming themselves, their communities and their nation.

Our Strategy

Our seven core strategies towards the reduction of violence, crime and poverty are:

Detention Prevention – through focused work with youth to prevent their incarceration and run-ins with the justice system

Welcome Home – Reintegration work with prisoners, juveniles and deportees towards reducing recidivism rates and building safer communities

Get Ready To Work- through targeted interventions with training and coaching youth are ready for the workforce with sustained employment skills

Be Your Own Boss- the youth with an idea is given the opportunity to create a business and thus not only reduce poverty for themselves but for the family and community

Second Chance Education – Training and linking to second chance opportunities

Community and Organizational Development- Targeted work towards building the capacity of communities and organizations/groups

Individualized Development Planning and Coaching – Using the asset based approach to assist youth with their sustained development and life planning

Our Programs

The Work Ready curriculum developed by EDC and adapted under the USAID SKYE Project is a seven module 5 week (125 Hours) training that will provide youth with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to become healthy, productive workers and participants in civic and community affairs. It has been designed in a way that is participatory, active and hands- on so that the youth are actively engaged in the learning process, have the opportunity to practice and enhance new skills and gain the self -confidence necessary to find and keep work. READ MORE
The Entrepreneurship Curriculum dubbed ‘Be Your Own Boss’ (BYOB) follows the design of the ‘Work Ready’ Curriculum The highly interactive BYOB curricula developed under the project will allow persons after two weeks (38.5 hours) to be able to start-up and successfully run their own business.  READ MORE
Under the USAID/EDC SKYE Project two sets of literacy curricula were developed to meet the needs of youth who were totally illiterate as well as those whose literacy levels fell below a Grade three levels preventing them from becoming sustainably part of the work force.  The Basic Literacy Training dubbed ‘Ready to Read’ is 16 Weeks (240 hours) where learners will have the opportunity to learn to read.  The ‘Pre Work Ready  training is designed to be an 8-week (160hrs) course and is a step up from the ‘Ready to Read’ Curriculum where it focuses on strengthening literacy with an infusion of work ready concepts.  READ MORE
SSYDR through its targeted curricula and methodologies will work with communities through its gate keepers through a community outreach and mapping exercise after which will work methodically with the community to put in place projects that will lead to the development of its whole.  READ MORE
The Coaching methodology developed under the USAID SKYE project employs an assets based methodology.  SSYDR also offers training to organizations in the hope that as we all employ the assets based approach in working with each other and the youth we will see greater cohesion and development.  This SKYE Coaches Training is 3 days (21 hours). Each day has a theme. READ MORE
SSYDR offers alternative sentencing to the Magistracy and probation services to allow youth second chance opportunities.  Reintegration services are also offered to youth coming out of the criminal and juvenile justice system.  This system of reintegration provides petty offenders with the opportunity to become productive members of society.  The approach that was developed under the USAID SKYE project employs a system of coaching, training and linking to livelihood opportunities.  READ MORE