In 2011 Education Development Center at the request of USAID through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative conducted a Youth Assessment in Guyana and found that youth were largely represented among the poor, they were not work ready making them vulnerable to risky behaviours.  Thus the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) Project was then designed with the aim of offering education, skill building, and employment opportunities for at risk youth in Guyana, with the goal of reducing youth crime and violence.

The project that started as a two year project with a target of 600 youth at risk was extended to five years targeting 2,200 youth.  To date the project has recorded great success in its ability to work at reducing youth vulnerability to crime and violence, by facilitating guidance on a path of development.

SKYE has reached 2,764 youth, trained 2240, placed over 1090 in jobs with a 95% satisfaction rating from employers, facilitated 158 youth business startups, linked 260 to further education and have facilitated alternative sentences for 118 youth referred to the project.  SKYE through its implementing organization Education Development Center has developed signature curricula targeting literacy, coaching and workforce development training (Work Ready Plus, Work Ready Now, Pre Work Ready, Ready to Read, Be Your Own Boss and Coaching).  A number of monitoring and evaluation tools that allows for the literacy assessment of participants, tracer studies to track employment and development as well as basic monthly monitoring tools were created.  The project’s greatest asset is its personnel.  It is a perfect blend of leadership, qualifications and experiences which make up the family of ‘Specialists in Sustained Youth Development and Research Inc. (SSYDR Inc.).  With the impending closure of the current USAID funding and the importance of sustainability of these services, the very group of specialists have come together to form the newly registered not for profit SSYDR Inc.

Our Vision

Inspired youth transforming themselves, their communities, their nation.

Our Mission

Promote youth access to resources, opportunities and ongoing support for lifelong learning, leadership and livelihoods towards the reduction of violence, crime and poverty.

Our Objectives

“Youth generally do not have the right attitudes to work” the words echoed by employers regionally and possibly across the world.  Connecting youth to the good life through their personal development will require training in skills and attitudes that will support their sustained and progressive development in the workforce.
To provide options to preemptory imprisonment for youth facing the criminal justice system charged for minor criminal offences. These options will be provided to the magisterial courts in collaboration with probation services. The options involved training youth in literacy, work ready training, coaching, psychosocial support and entrepreneurial skills. The training of these at-risk youth facing the criminal justice system can reduce recidivism, crime and violence in the society.

To build the capacity of youth within the prison system through training of youth in literacy, work ready training, coaching, psychosocial support and entrepreneurial skills. These trainings in personal development will build the resilience of such at risk youth to risky and criminal behaviors as they prepare for reintegration into their respective communities making them more safe and productive.

Youth are one of the poorest groups in Guyanese society.  To build communities to their full potential, there is need for recruitment and targeted interventions of at risk youth in entrepreneurial and work ready skills connecting them to the good life in a sustained manner.
Youth are a vulnerable grouping within our society with many social challenges. We propose to collaborate, coordinate and cooperate with other agencies linking at risk youth to safety nets (psychosocial and economic) in their pathway to personal development in the society.
Leadership qualities among the youthful population are essential to sustained community development. It is expected to build the capacity of youth in leadership skills so that they can identify, articulate, and pursue responsibly shared community interests to promote the growth of their communities and by extension themselves.
Provide strengthening and leadership training for institutions and groups so as to strengthen their ability towards sustained development.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership

  • Assets based

  • Equality

  • Diversity

  • Individuality

  • Quality

  • Accountability

  • Partnership

  • Passion

  • Integrity