Work Ready Training

The Work Ready curriculum developed by EDC and adapted under the USAID SKYE Project is a seven module 5 week (125 Hours) training that will provide youth with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to become healthy, productive workers and participants in civic and community affairs. It has been designed in a way that is participatory, active and hands- on so that the youth are actively engaged in the learning process, have the opportunity to practice and enhance new skills and gain the self -confidence necessary to find and keep work.

The main topics of the curriculum include:

  • Personal Development: identifying values & interests; assessing attributes & skills. Identifying learning styles & learning strategies; goal setting, planning & tracking progress
  • Interpersonal Communication: speaking and listening; following and giving instructions and feedback; forms of communication in the workplace; cooperating/working as a team member; providing good customer service
  • Work Habits and Conduct: identifying and applying for jobs (writing applications, cv’s, cover letters, thank you letters); interviewing; workplace behaviors and attitudes; time management; balancing work and home life
  • Leadership and Teamwork: characteristics of an effective leader; leadership styles; organizing and motivating others; team building; leading others in problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Safety and Health at Work: Guyana’s health and safety laws and practices; identifying and avoiding hazards in the workplace; healthy lifestyles; stress management
  • Worker and Employer Rights and Responsibilities: Guyana’s labor laws; workers’ rights: benefits
  • Financial Fitness: managing money; saving; budgeting; making financial decisions